Md Riadul Islam

Software Engineer | Android | Flutter | GeneXus Junior Analyst | Programmer | Learner


Hey, I’m Riadul Islam. Thanks for stopping by! I spend my day-to-day working as an Software Engineer. I’ve specifically been focused on mobile application for the past several years, specially Android, Flutter and Genexus.
My goal is to always build products that provide pixel-perfect, performance experiences. Also I spend some of time developing blog posts, videos and conference talks for the Developer Community. It's my focus to help improve the android engineering experience. I'm currently focusing on Kotlin, Kotlin Coroutines, Jetpack Compose, Server Driven UI, Application Architectural Pattern and more.


A selection of projects I worked on in the past few years.

Astute Teacher

Astute Teacher

Creation for teachers to monitor students progress and their all activities.

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Astute Guardian

Astute Guardian

Creation for students and guardians to monitor their progress and their all activities.

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eBangladesh mobile application built by Flutter, which offered a wide range of features to users.

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  • TXS

    Teamexus Solutions Ltd.December, 2022Today

    Software Engineer

  • CBX


    Software Engineer (II)

  • BFSL

    Banglafire Solutions Ltd.20202022

    Jr. Software Engineer

  • MS

    Microsoft Bangladesh20182018

    Young Bangla - Intern

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    Best Practices for Android App Architecture
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    Google I/O Extended Bangladesh 2022 - GDG Sonargoan